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Whether they are needed for aesthetic, organizational or practical purposes, it is not unusual for GarageDoorsStore clients in Muskego to have requirements for garage doors that differ from our standard selection of overhead garage doors. For this reason, we carry a line of specialty doors so that our clients can meet their unique or unusual garage door needs. Technicians at GarageDoorsStore are unsurpassed in their expertise at finding solutions of specialty doors for clients who need them. Specialty door experts are uniquely qualified in both installation and repairs, which gives them a depth of knowledge and an abundance of insight that can provide a dynamic specialty door solution for your residence or commercial enterprise.

Insulated Doors

One of the types of specialty door that clients often ask for is an insulated garage door, which protects vehiclesGarageDoorsStore Muskego, WI 262-740-3069 and other items stored in garages from extremes of weather and temperature. In buildings such as warehouses, insulated doors provide a superlative solution to the problem of keeping the interior within a steady range of temperatures so that the products stored inside are kept safe.

Another advantage of insulated garage doors is the versatility they offer to the interior space, making it possible to use garages for work, recreational or hobby activities during months that typically involve extremes of hot or cold weather. Insulated garage doors also increase the energy efficiency of your residence or business, bringing great value to the investment of insulated doors by ultimately lowering costs for heating and cooling. The selection of insulated garage doors that GarageDoorsStore stocks can be customized to fit the unique requirements of every clients.

Fire Doors

For most of our clients, a fire door is not only a sensible, but also a far more secure and insightful solution for their garages. Often paints, paint thinner, gasoline, cleaning materials and other combustible items are kept in garages, which makes these storage areas subject to fires that can rapidly get out of control. Seemingly insignificant things such as tiny sparks or fuel leaks onto hot surfaces have the ability to ignite and create sudden fires. In long-term direct sunlight, sometimes chemical materials tend to ignite by themselves through a process known as spontaneous combustion. Because many garages are directly linked to residences and office buildings, conflagrations that begin in storage areas can quickly spread to areas where people are living or working.

Fire doors have ratings to resist or stop heat and flames to specified grades of intensity, completely stopping small fires and slowing down the progress of larger ones. Fire doors can provide the critical difference in saving residences and businesses from costly losses due to interior damage caused by fires that break out in garages. They can even save our clients from suffering the inestimable loss of human lives.

Research has proven the efficacy of fire doors to such an extent that in many parts of the country, municipal building codes specify requirements of fire doors with ratings of 20 minutes or more of fire resistance for garages in both homes and commercial establishments. Because fire doors with even higher ratings are available, clients can protect the garages in their homes and businesses with extra levels of safety.

Traffic Doors (High Speed Doors)

For doors that are subject to frequent traffic, a popular specialty door option is a high-speed door, which provides the convenience of faster opening times to optimize the entries and exits of our clients. GarageDoorsStore offers traffic-optimized high-speed doors in economy models that provide quality materials at reduced cost and premium models that are quieter but operate at higher speeds.